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Buyer Ready

Most buyers have to see your house in person to decide if they want to buy it.  You can have great photos, a great virtual tour and a great Realtor….but being prepared for the buyers visit can make or break the sale.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are ready:

  1.  Make your house easy to show.  A buyer might be driving by your house to visit another house and decide they want to see your home before they make an offer on the house down the street…..if they have to wait until tomorrow or wait an hour or so to see your house….they might just decide it’s not worth waiting for.  Have your home set up for immediate access if possible…if you have dogs or kids and need a few minutes…make sure you are ready to jump in the car within minutes and wave bye at them as you drive off.  The easier it is to show your house…the more likely it will sell.
  2. Keep it clean and ready for a quick exit at all times….so you can jump in the car and leave.
  3. Try to never reschedule the appointment.  Some buyers fly into town to see houses for a day or two….which means they are looking at houses in one neighborhood and heading in another direction half an hour later.  Trying to reschedule the appointment means they have to reschedule all the other appointments that have been made…..which sometimes means they decide you might not be very motivated to sell and never return to view your house.  If they can’t get inside….they probably won’t buy your house.
  4. Make sure it smells clean.  If you have pets, hide all evidence that you have a pet if possible.  We have had buyers decide against a house because they realized a cat lived there.  Crazy…but true.
  5. If it isn’t possible for you to leave (you just sat down for dinner) and you realize that the agent is sitting outside the house…don’t be upset.  Be glad they decided at the last minute to show your home.  Remember….if the buyer doesn’t visit your house….they probably wont buy it.  Explain you are sitting down to dinner but you will happily allow them to show your house….open the door with a smile and explain you’re eating and that you’ll stay out of their way.  And stay out of their way.
  6. If you’re house bound….in a wheelchair…..leaving is probably not an option.  Do yourself a favor….say “hi” with a big smile and also add “I’ll be out of your way….if you have any questions, my agent asked me to tell you to give her/him a call since I’m paying them the big bucks to help me”.  That will usually avoid the buyer’s agent (remember….they represent the buyer) to question you if the refrigerator can remain with the sale, or if the washer and dryer can remain with the sale….and other questions about items you might not be willing to sell with the house and then feel obligated to sell because you want to sell your house and they asked you while visiting.   If they ask you questions like “Why are you moving” or “Where are you moving to”….very nicely respond with “My agent told me to make sure I asked you to call them (him/her) if you had any questions”.    It’s easy for you to give away furniture, appliances, curtains….lots of things you really didn’t want to leave….because you talked to the buyers agent or buyers.   That’s why your Realtor really doesn’t want you home if possible.  All negotiations should be done by the Realtors…that’s why you are paying them!

Today’s market makes some sellers feel they don’t have to clean their house….can only show it with a days notice….or even worse, don’t have to make any repairs to very obvious things that need repairing.  These sellers are the houses you drive by and wonder why they haven’t sold.  Don’t be one of those houses.

Movie Star


I know, I know….it’s hard sometimes not to read about really rich and famous folks and wonder if your life would be better if you were one of them…..and then I run across “The worst celebrity looks of 2017″……and I think about how I’d have to be hidden in the house with the plantation shutters shut instead of open.

I couldn’t take a walk around the neighborhood, take a walk in the park with my dogs, hop in the car to get a burger, go shopping, make last minute plans to meet friends for cocktails, walk outside (or inside for that matter) without makeup and freshly brushed hair, go to church, know my friends like me for me and not my money or fame….and certainly could NOT stand seeing my photo as one of the worst dressed celebrities!

How about a photo with your eyes shut (suddenly you’ve become a drug addict or alcohol abuser), wiping your nose (now you are a Cocaine addict), shirt became unbuttoned by mistake (you are a “floozy”), picture taken from below suggesting a double chin (headline:  She better stay away from ice cream), no make-up (headline:  She let herself go)…..conclusion?

I think I’m happy being me….Looking forward to 2018!




Easy 2018 Christmas Decor

Save your sanity next year….Christmas Eve is when you’re most likely to be done with your decorating….so take photos today of all your holiday décor….next year….it’s a lot easier to decorate if you can refer back to your photos. 

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Cookies

Just Like Playing House

christmas cookies

Merry Christmas weekend friends!!! Who is still scrambling last minute to get things done? Me, always. I wanted to post a quick tutorial on my Christmas cookies because I’m pretty impressed with how they turned out, especially for a first timer on the frosting piping bag! Real talk…I DID NOT make these from scratch. I went straight for the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough from the refrigerated aisle and Betty Crocker vanilla frosting out of the can because, sorry, but mama’s got no time for “made-from-scratch” this year. 🙂 Where I spent my time was on the fun frosting! And is so much easier than it looks as long as you have frosting bag and plain round size 5 frosting tip.

So, first of all, a tip with your cookie dough. Let the dough sit out for 5-10 minutes to warm up a bit, this will make it easier to work…

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Safe Decorating!

Home Holiday Decorating…how to do it safely!This is the time of year for gearing up for the holidays.  Unfortunately, that can mean unintended injury.  We have tips below for keeping yourself and your family safe while preparing for the holidays.  Here’s how you can decorate safely:

Dec 2017 Post

Image Source:

Additional Holiday Safety Resources:

  1. Christmas Tree Care Tips:
  2. Dangerous winter holiday plants for humans and pets
  3. Holiday lighting safety
  4. Child-safe decorating tips
  5. Tips for decoration storage:
  6. Find a recycling center near you

Now that you know how to decorate safely, the sky’s the limit.  Fill your home with goodies and get ready for visiting relatives and lots of pie…and don’t forget the cookies for Santa!

This fantastic information and article was provided to Lisa by:

Paul Denikin

Thanks Paul…and Merry Christmas to all!












San Antonio River Walk

A visit to the river walk is a must if you are in San Antonio over December.  We went downtown on Friday and managed to visit The Hard Rock Café for a cocktail and then had the Shrimp Paesano for dinner at Paesano’s.   It is wonderful….simple lemon butter sauce….consider ordering the appetizer instead of the meal and get a salad on the side.

The river walk is so beautiful with all the lights…and we loved the new electric barges with their electric colored lights!  Just gorgeous!




Virtual Staging

I’d never tried virtual staging….but when I had a seller that had no interest in having furniture moved in and out of their home I realized quickly…no buyer was interested in even visiting the home because they couldn’t figure out how to place their furniture.

I ran across a very talented artist that offered virtual staging as a solution….so I sent him over 8 photos of my listing…and these are what were returned.

I know this is going to help sell this home… now looks warm and inviting…and it’s easy to see how pretty it can be with the right furniture.

Knowing where to put your furniture can be a challenge…and having a huge living room can be difficult for everyone.

Note how cozy the dining room looks with the added bar cart!

The master bedroom seemed very “cold” with the white tile floors….but once staged, you can appreciate the advantage of having a rug instead of wall to wall carpet.

Even secondary bedrooms can use the virtual staging help…look how much nicer these rooms look with furniture!

Fall Home Maintenance

FireplaceWhile your summer fun may be coming to an end, fall is the time of cooler temps and the smell of wood burning fires and warm apple cider. Now that the temperatures are lower, it’s time to take a look around your home and see what needs to be done.

One of the most important actions you should take is cleaning your gutters. Gutters, because they are up high, are easy to ignore. They get filled with dirt and debris from trees, plants and animals, and when they’re clogged, they can cause all kinds of problems. If your gutters get clogged, they can freeze, which can damage them and make them pull away from the house. They can cause damage to the roof and even the foundation, when water doesn’t run through them correctly.

If you want to clean your gutters yourself, it’s not that difficult to do. But you’ll have to climb a ladder and spend a good bit of time up there. Climbing ladders can be dangerous, too. Always make sure you have someone around to hold the ladder and call 911 if you fall. If you don’t want the hassle, you can always hire a pro. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to clean gutters and downspouts in San Antonio is $126 to $244, and takes one to two days.

While you’re up there checking out your gutters, inspect your roof. Do you have any loose or missing shingles? These can lead to roof leaks in the future, which is bad news for your home. If you have roof damage, call a roofing company to come check it out. They may be able to repair it without adding a whole new roof.

Don’t forget about the inside of your home, too. You need to change the filter on your heating and air conditioning system, if you haven’t lately. It will work more efficiently, and your air will be cleaner. It will also help extend the life of your system.

Call a heating and air conditioning professional to inspect your system and clean it if necessary. This will ensure that your furnace will run smoothly and efficiently over the winter, and your air conditioner will be ready to keep you cool next summer. An inspection doesn’t cost much and can save you a lot more money in the long run.

For safety’s sake, don’t forget to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These may not prevent a fire, but they will alert you and your family so you can leave the home. The widespread use of these little tools has made fire deaths much lower in the United States. Smoke detectors save lives.

Check for peeling paint around the home. On the outside, paint protects your siding from the weather, and if it peels, it leaves the wood open to damaging moisture. Left unpainted, it can cause major destruction to your siding. On the interior, it’s unsightly, and fall is the best time to paint. The weather is cooler and drier, making optimal conditions for adding a fresh coat.

If you enjoy cuddling up by the fire, don’t neglect your fireplace. Get a pro to come by and clean out your chimney and check for holes. Keeping your chimney clean will prevent fires in your home, which can cause significant damage. Putting a cap on your chimney will prevent animals and debris from getting into your fireplace, too.

With just a little bit of observation and maintenance, your home can be a safe, clean and healthy place to spend the winter, and you’ll prevent more costly repairs down the road.

This article was written for me by Paul Denikin….thanks Paul!  Great advice!


Here are the words and the links that correspond to the advice from Paul:
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cleaning your gutters –
According to Home Advisor –
inspect your roof –
inspect –
peeling paint –
prevent fires –


Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Sell

Why now could be better for you to sell your home  than in spring?

  1. Competition is greater in the spring….more houses are on the market in the spring.  In the fall and winter months…less houses are for sale.   Making your house more likely to sell.

2.  The buyers looking in the fall and winter months are serious buyers.  They need a              house…..they are out with their prequalification letters already in hand and are                  serious about moving.  In spring lots of buyers go out to look at their neighbors                  house or get decorating ideas.  They really aren’t buying….they are gathering                        information for when they are ready to buy….next year….the year after.  When a                Realtor shows your home in the fall or winter months they are showing a serious                buyer your home…making it worth your time to keep the house clean and leave for            the showing.

3.  Interest rates are predicted to go up.  It is possible to have less buyers that are                     qualified to buy your house next year because the interest rate priced them out of             the  market.   For every 1% increase in interest rates their buying power decreases             by approximately 10 percent.

If you need help deciding if now is the right time to sell, just call me at 210-273-6161.  I can help you stage your home and price it to get it SOLD.

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