In 1943 a dozen hungry US military wives walked into the Victory Club in the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico………. Ignacio Anaya was missing a cook….so he took Cheddar Cheese and cut tortillas into triangles and shredded the cheese and cooked them in a broiler and topped them off with jalapenos and called them “Nachos”….since that was his nickname.  Celebrate National Nacho Day on November 6th!  And thank you, Military Wives…..for more than just Nachos!  I am a military brat and watched my Mom (with us) wait for my Dad (her husband) return from TDY when we lived in Okinawa……I know now that she was scared to death when he left each time as she had a good chance of becoming a widow…..her friends, other military wives, took care of all of us and showed their bravery by holding down the fort until their men returned.  Thank you brave wives and Moms!  You are our hero’s!  So plan on having Nacho’s on November 6th in celebration of Military Wives!  I’m going to make a plate and celebrate!