Sometimes life hits you like a ton of bricks falling on your head….but you still have to get up each day and dust your self off….and act like everything is perfect.  My Dad, Tony Weissgarber, used to say “no one cares about you….they only care about what you can do for them (except your family and if you are lucky a handful of friends)…so in keeping up with that mantra, here are a few ideas to keep moving forward and get that smile back on your face.

  1.  Get out of bed, get a shower and put on professional clothes (or clothes you love)….if you look good, it is easier to feel good.  (remember that old joke “It is better to look good than to feel good…and you look marvelous?…..step one to having a good day).
  2.  If you talk on the phone to clients (or anyone) , have a mirror in front of you.  SMILE….they can tell if you are smiling….this helps keep you focused.  If you are smiling as you talk…they know.  I am not sure why this works….I just know it works.
  3. Have a picture of something you want and look at it while you work.  I had my husband take a picture of me in front of a luxury car that I coveted……I worked longer because I wanted that luxury car.  When I bought the car, I made a new goal.  Goals are important.  Maybe you want to pay off your credit cards….figure out which one has the least amount of debt and add funds to that card each month until it is paid….take the invoice, make a copy and write a big “Zero” over the bill…..each month subtract the balance until it is a zero…and then start with the next credit card.  Get it?  If we work without reason we lose our joy… is paying off that credit card or getting that new car!
  4. Have a file folder with fun things you are planning….a future trip or even a party you have been invited to.  You have to have fun activities to look forward to.  Make sure these items are in front of you several times a day.
  5. If you have a difficult client or customer and get paid commissions….write down how much you will make on them and put it on a “sticky” in front of the phone….every time you talk to them (or meet with them) look at that “sticky”.  Amazing how much easier it is to keep focused on closing the sale if you remember how much you are getting paid on the sale.  Sometimes you can work through difficult details if you remember why you are doing them…and how you will be compensated for them.  Thankfully, this isn’t every customer….but when they are “difficult” clients it does help you get through the closing process.
  6. Begin each day with a list of items you will  (or want to) accomplish for the day.  Put a circle in front of each item…put an “x” over each circle you accomplish.  Put 2 circles in front of each item that MUST be accomplished today…..and do those items first.  Take care of the hardest items first….it is amazing how much better you feel once the hard items are done…..if you save them for the end of the day you will feel like you got nothing done…it is like a “cloud” hanging over your head.  Always take care of the most difficult items at the beginning of the day.
  7. Any items not accomplished at the end of your day go on a list for tomorrow…..along with one circle or two…..then you can end your day knowing you have taking responsibility for your success.