Easiest way to get ready for a new year is to eliminate time needed to get ready in the morning….makes your day a lot easier if you aren’t thumbing through your closet trying to find what you think you want to wear.

How to begin?

  1.  Take everything off the top shelves.
  2. Inspect.  If it is worn or torn, throw away.  If you haven’t worn it in over a year, donate.  If you still want to keep it, make a stack sorting items that are the same.
  3. Buy boxes that are the same size and label the outside so you know what is inside (what a concept!)  In my case, I had a bunch of beautiful boxes full of stuff but I didn’t know what was in each box.  I bought boxes from Thirty One, Your Way Cube 12.5 x 12.5 with lids so dust wouldn’t get inside the box.  I then wrote in chalk what was inside each box.  WOW…how wonderful to be able to know what I have up on those high shelves!

I also tried on all my clothes.  If they didn’t fit, I donated them.  If they were torn, I threw them away.

Before hanging everything back up sort them into sections:  dresses, pants, tops.  Then sort them by color.  You might be amazed at how many black tops you have (are they even different?  Why do I like to buy the same thing?)

I did have a few items I just couldn’t get rid of (beautiful shoes) that I decided to keep for one more year….if I haven’t worn them in a year, they will be donated or sold (Too Good to Be Threw is my favorite place to sell….Salvation Army is my favorite to donate).  Ask me in 2017 if I have honored this!

When we built our closet we had all the walls lined with cedar (keeps out moths plus smells fabulous) and installed closet shelving from Lowes.  I also went to the Container store and bought linen shoe boxes that have clear outsides so I could see which shoes were inside along with matching boxes for my more expensive purses.  This will keep dust off them and will remind me next year if they were  a worthy enough item to have paid the money to store them properly.

Imagine how good it will feel when you walk into your closet to get ready for your day and know where everything is….and that everything fits.  Great way to begin 2016!  Happy purging!