Things change a LOT in 25 years but the one thing I’ve noticed the most is how house flippers are changing their names and suggesting that it’s SO much easier to sell to them then to list your house with a Realtor and save you the commission….but they don’t discuss how much less money you, as a seller, get if you avoid the “hassle” and Realtor.

Did you know that PERCH, OPENDOOR and OfferPad are house flippers? They advertise that you can avoid the hassle of showing your home and paying that Realtor commission but in reality, charge you MORE than a typical real estate transaction and offer you 20 to 35 percent less than you would get if you went the traditional route to sell?

I often wonder what those sellers really think when they drive by their old house and see the new FOR SALE sign out with a list price of $30,000 or $40,000 more than they sold the house for….don’t they feel cheated?

Don’t cheat yourself out of tens of thousands of dollars. Take the time to call your local agent and at least get an idea of what you would net BEFORE you sign with a company that pretends to not be a house flipper….but really is.

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