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Holiday Decorating

Easy 2018 Christmas Decor

Save your sanity next year….Christmas Eve is when you’re most likely to be done with your decorating….so take photos today of all your holiday décor….next year….it’s a lot easier to decorate if you can refer back to your photos. 

Merry Christmas!


Safe Decorating!

Home Holiday Decorating…how to do it safely!This is the time of year for gearing up for the holidays.  Unfortunately, that can mean unintended injury.  We have tips below for keeping yourself and your family safe while preparing for the holidays.  Here’s how you can decorate safely:

Dec 2017 Post

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Additional Holiday Safety Resources:

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  5. Tips for decoration storage:
  6. Find a recycling center near you

Now that you know how to decorate safely, the sky’s the limit.  Fill your home with goodies and get ready for visiting relatives and lots of pie…and don’t forget the cookies for Santa!

This fantastic information and article was provided to Lisa by:

Paul Denikin

Thanks Paul…and Merry Christmas to all!












Best Price for Roses

Last year before Valentines Day we got lucky…..two of our local grocery stores had price wars over Roses.  Two dozen for $15 at one store….1 dozen for $10 at another.  Surprisingly they lasted almost 10 days… please let me know if you live in the San Antonio area and see a “deal” on roses and I’ll be sure and let you know if/when I see the same.  At that price you can afford to even get them for yourself!Roses (2)

First Class Entertaining

th[1]Asking folks to fill their own plates doesn’t have to mean you don’t want them to be impressed.  It’s the little things that can help make a gathering look like you went out of your way to make sure your guests know they are important….I borrowed a flatware caddy to store folks, knives and spoons for a holiday gathering at our home…..and after packing it up to return it to it’s lucky owner I realized I had to own one myself….since using this one was so impressive I didn’t want my family and friends to think I didn’t care as much for them this year as last!  Search the internet for “flatware caddy”….and keep searching.  I found the above in bronze for almost 1/3 of the price of several websites.   $49.99  had the best price I could find.

Happy entertaining!


Christmas Cards….How to Display

I still love sending Christmas Cards....and if you send cards, you typically end up getting cards.  I love going into a home and seeing the cards they have received....and this year found a special spot to diplay them.  If you are lucky enough to get Christmas cards, find a special place to display them.  If someone who gave you one comes helps them appreciate the time they spent writing them and taking the time to send them.  Makes the holidays seem a little more meaningful!  Happy holidays!
Christmas cards.jpg

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