Everyone is talking about getting organized this year and how it will help you…..so at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 I did an experiment based on all the advise I was getting.

Pantry:  take everything out.  Look at dates on food….if it’s old, throw it away.  If it’s been hidden and you know you bought it months ago….ask yourself if you really will eat it.  Maybe those canned green beans will never have an appeal to your appetite….if so, toss.  All the diet foods you bought last January- toss.   Look at your spices….replace if they are also old.  Spices are meant to make food taste better and old spices won’t do the trick.    Decide what needs to be replaced…..don’t replace the canned green beans if you never ate the last can.  Promise yourself not to buy the next diet fad that you will never eat.

Refrigerator:  Take everything out.  Look at dates.  Throw out old food and only put back food that is edible and you like to eat.  Wipe down everything with a clean sponge….if necessary, soak it in hot water with dish soap to get all the grime off the inside drawers and walls.  Doesn’t it look fabulous now?  Don’t forget to attack the freezer.  I found food I had forgotten we had.  Amazing….a meal can be made for “free” since I bought it less than 90 days ago and forgot about it.  I even found deer sausage that was given as a gift over the holidays and hubby forgot to tell me….what a great Italian Soup I made with it!  In the future be sure to date any leftovers you freeze and write what it is…so it doesn’t become the “mystery” food I threw away.

Under the kitchen sink:  if you have cleaning products you never use: toss.  Throw out all the old sponges but one.  Make a list if you are missing items.  If you have 3 cans of Pledge, great.  Quit buying them until you are down to one or none.

Under the bathroom sinks:  take it all out.  If you haven’t used that makeup in the last 2 months, toss.  If you have 14 combs, keep 2.  If you have 3 bottles of mouth wash, great….start using them and don’t buy anymore until you are down to half of one.  Shampoo you bought but didn’t like….toss.  Hairspray you didn’t like…toss.  Just because you spent a lot of money on it doesn’t mean if it doesn’t work, keep it.  Same goes for all those miracle creams….use them within the next 2 months or toss….if you did use them and found they didn’t work…it’s okay to throw them away.  Don’t keep them unless they worked!  Mascara is only good for 90 days…last January’s mascara won’t look good this January!

Master closet:  Try on everything.  If it doesn’t look good, donate.  If it is torn, fix it this week or throw away.  6 pairs of brown shoes….3 are worn out.  Toss the beat up ones….keep the good ones.  If the shoes hurt your feet, donate.  Put the shoes you don’t wear on a regular basis aside and commit to wearing each one in January….if they hurt, donate.  Purge, purge, purge.  It is great to know that everything in your closet fits, looks great, is in good condition, is clean and ready to put on.  What  a great way to begin the day!  Talk about eliminating time in the morning…this is a “no-brainer”!

Hall closet or coat closet:  If the coat doesn’t fit, donate.  If it doesn’t look good, donate.  If it is beat up, throw away.  Now is the time to get rid of cold weather items…in a few months, not many folks will need them (in Texas, anyway)!

Utility room:  take everything out….if  you haven’t used it in the last 6 months….throw it away.  Only keep what you use.  Throw away the socks that are missing their mates!

If you can just attack the above I can promise you this:  You will feel FANTASTIC.  I wake up and can walk in my closet and know anything I pick out will look great!  I can make a meal without wondering what we have to eat.  I can go to the grocery store and know what I need to buy.  I open the pantry and, frankly, am so proud of myself it makes me feel good!  Just attacking the few items above make a huge difference in how your day begins and ends!  Yes…it was time consuming…..but worth it?  Yes….yes, yes!