Need to recall a member of your community association’s board?  Here’s how:

Sadly, there might be a number of reasons why homeowners may want to remove a member or all the members of an HOA board.  Perhaps they aren’t performing the duties required of them as a board or worse yet, perhaps they committed fraud.  Here are the steps to begin:

  1.  Check your HOA governing documents.  They will tell you exactly how to remove the member or members, how votes can be submitted, the percentage of homeowners needing to vote for removal, how the vacant positions can be filled and whether or not you need to involve legal assistance.
  2. Check your state and local laws.  Some states have additional laws you must follow.
  3. Start a petition:  Get signatures.  Include why you are removing the board member or members if that is a requirement of your state laws or governing documents.
  4. Get volunteers to fill those positions….you can’t have zero board members. It’s easy to hate the board but harder to find volunteers.  They should be homeowners in the neighborhood without any ulterior motives.  If the clubhouse needs a roof they shouldn’t own a roofing company that will bid on the project.  Retired homeowners are often great choices.  The only motive they have is to keep the neighborhood beautiful and values up and they sometimes have great experience in managing businesses in their past careers and have learned to be impartial and fair.Good board members know that if it is a problem for one member of the community it is a problem for all members.
  5. Pick a date for the meeting and make sure you follow any governing document requirements on how much time in advance you need to post the meeting date.
  6. Fill the empty spaces immediately.

Removing a board member (or the entire board) should only be done if it is for the greater good of your community.  It’s always best to consult an attorney.