Trust Austin to come up with a new neighborhood concept…or should I say Kyle….but buyers for Austin and nearby towns are flocking to this little neighborhood concept.

Bigelow Homes is building a beautiful product and utilizing a great way to keep homeowner crime down while allowing owners to know their neighbors and have a beautiful place to sip coffee in the mornings or enjoy cocktails in the evening….a pocket neighborhood.  What is it?  It’s housing surrounded by trails, parks, lakes and a preserve…..15 private neighborhood parks when they are completed.  Each of the small, pocket parks will be surrounded by 12 to 20 homes…each with front porches and rear entry garages.  Perfect for spending much of your outdoor time on the front porch or garden patio enjoying the view and meeting neighbors.  It’s kind of like living on a cul-de-sac without the cars!  Each home still has it’s own private yard….but I bet most folks will take advantage of the beautiful front porch.

Along with this new concept….the builder guarantee’s your cooling cost to be under $400 a year for the first three years of homeownership.  How do they do this when a house (like shown) is over 1800 square feet?  New energy efficient HVAC systems, well insulated walls and windows…just a few reasons why you might just be able to afford a new home when you factor in that your cooling and heating bills might be over $400 in  two months in an older home.

We’ve got a seller being relocated to San Antonio….so if you’re in the market for a home near Austin….give us a call at 210-273-6161.   It’s a dollhouse and was recently completed in July of 2017….almost brand new and ready for a new owner.