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May 2018

Memorial Day Fun Facts



Memorial Day originally began as a day to honor military personnel who died in the Civil War and was called Decoration Day.

It’s observed on the last Monday of May.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials.

It’s traditionally seen as the beginning of the summer season.

It’s typically an excellent occasion for backyard BBQ’s or a chance to travel.

If you have a flag it should be displayed at half-staff until noon…..and then raised to the top of the staff….in honor of the nation’s battle heroes.

Even if you have to work this weekend (like me) you can add a little red, white and blue around the house to make yourself feel like you’re enjoying the long weekend.

Don’t have a lot of money?  Add some festive napkins to get in the spirit of the holiday.  And don’t forget to say a little prayer for those brave men and women who gave their lives for us to be safe in the good old  USA!


Run Away to Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake

In just under an hour you can drive from either Austin or San Antonio and discover Canyon Lake.  It’s a great spot during daylight savings to leave the office early and jump in a boat or dip your toes into the water before the sun goes down.

Several spots offer boat rentals for as little as $107 with tax for an hour….which will allow you just enough time to rent a speed boat and enjoy a quick run across the entire lake while enjoying the sun and views of the pretty homes.

If you’re wanting to watch the sunset consider heading to Lucky’s on the north side of the lake.  Sit outside on the top level and enjoy some great grub and a cold  beverage.

Not a bad way to end a busy day!

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