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December 2017

Movie Star


I know, I know….it’s hard sometimes not to read about really rich and famous folks and wonder if your life would be better if you were one of them…..and then I run across “The worst celebrity looks of 2017″……and I think about how I’d have to be hidden in the house with the plantation shutters shut instead of open.

I couldn’t take a walk around the neighborhood, take a walk in the park with my dogs, hop in the car to get a burger, go shopping, make last minute plans to meet friends for cocktails, walk outside (or inside for that matter) without makeup and freshly brushed hair, go to church, know my friends like me for me and not my money or fame….and certainly could NOT stand seeing my photo as one of the worst dressed celebrities!

How about a photo with your eyes shut (suddenly you’ve become a drug addict or alcohol abuser), wiping your nose (now you are a Cocaine addict), shirt became unbuttoned by mistake (you are a “floozy”), picture taken from below suggesting a double chin (headline:  She better stay away from ice cream), no make-up (headline:  She let herself go)…..conclusion?

I think I’m happy being me….Looking forward to 2018!




Easy 2018 Christmas Decor

Save your sanity next year….Christmas Eve is when you’re most likely to be done with your decorating….so take photos today of all your holiday décor….next year….it’s a lot easier to decorate if you can refer back to your photos. 

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Cookies

Just Like Playing House

christmas cookies

Merry Christmas weekend friends!!! Who is still scrambling last minute to get things done? Me, always. I wanted to post a quick tutorial on my Christmas cookies because I’m pretty impressed with how they turned out, especially for a first timer on the frosting piping bag! Real talk…I DID NOT make these from scratch. I went straight for the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough from the refrigerated aisle and Betty Crocker vanilla frosting out of the can because, sorry, but mama’s got no time for “made-from-scratch” this year. 🙂 Where I spent my time was on the fun frosting! And is so much easier than it looks as long as you have frosting bag and plain round size 5 frosting tip.

So, first of all, a tip with your cookie dough. Let the dough sit out for 5-10 minutes to warm up a bit, this will make it easier to work…

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Safe Decorating!

Home Holiday Decorating…how to do it safely!This is the time of year for gearing up for the holidays.  Unfortunately, that can mean unintended injury.  We have tips below for keeping yourself and your family safe while preparing for the holidays.  Here’s how you can decorate safely:

Dec 2017 Post

Image Source:

Additional Holiday Safety Resources:

  1. Christmas Tree Care Tips:
  2. Dangerous winter holiday plants for humans and pets
  3. Holiday lighting safety
  4. Child-safe decorating tips
  5. Tips for decoration storage:
  6. Find a recycling center near you

Now that you know how to decorate safely, the sky’s the limit.  Fill your home with goodies and get ready for visiting relatives and lots of pie…and don’t forget the cookies for Santa!

This fantastic information and article was provided to Lisa by:

Paul Denikin

Thanks Paul…and Merry Christmas to all!












San Antonio River Walk

A visit to the river walk is a must if you are in San Antonio over December.  We went downtown on Friday and managed to visit The Hard Rock Café for a cocktail and then had the Shrimp Paesano for dinner at Paesano’s.   It is wonderful….simple lemon butter sauce….consider ordering the appetizer instead of the meal and get a salad on the side.

The river walk is so beautiful with all the lights…and we loved the new electric barges with their electric colored lights!  Just gorgeous!




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