Why now could be better for you to sell your home  than in spring?

  1. Competition is greater in the spring….more houses are on the market in the spring.  In the fall and winter months…less houses are for sale.   Making your house more likely to sell.

2.  The buyers looking in the fall and winter months are serious buyers.  They need a              house…..they are out with their prequalification letters already in hand and are                  serious about moving.  In spring lots of buyers go out to look at their neighbors                  house or get decorating ideas.  They really aren’t buying….they are gathering                        information for when they are ready to buy….next year….the year after.  When a                Realtor shows your home in the fall or winter months they are showing a serious                buyer your home…making it worth your time to keep the house clean and leave for            the showing.

3.  Interest rates are predicted to go up.  It is possible to have less buyers that are                     qualified to buy your house next year because the interest rate priced them out of             the  market.   For every 1% increase in interest rates their buying power decreases             by approximately 10 percent.

If you need help deciding if now is the right time to sell, just call me at 210-273-6161.  I can help you stage your home and price it to get it SOLD.