Real estate is in full swing and tales in the office flow of our exciting experiences…….but our worst tales this time of year involve other agents.  Tuesday morning we got a call from an agent asking if we were still accepting offers on one of our listings…..and it began like this:

“Hi, this is so and so and I’m an agent with such and such and I have a buyer coming in town on Friday and I’d like to video your listing today and send over an offer from my buyer who will decide on Friday when she gets here if she wants to buy your listing”……pause…..dead silence on our end…..and then we tell her ” our seller has offers from buyers who have seen the home and decided they want it so we feel it would be a waste of your time to send over an offer”…..and then we get an earful….”Why are you deciding what is best for your seller? Are you the seller?”…..another pause….and we respond, “We really feel at this time it would be best if your buyer waited until she got to town to decide on a house as we don’t want to take our sellers house off the market for a maybe” and then she goes into a very unladylike rant so we exit the call.  We have multiple offers from agents we are certain showed the home to their buyers and some are above full price and include love letters from the buyers.

So I have to ask….did she get her real estate license online while in her pajamas?