I lived in this house in 1988……when we moved in all the neighbors ran out to meet us and to let us know that every 2 years….the house was sold to someone new and the previous couple got divorced.  I didn’t think much of their stories until I found myself leaving….and checking up on it through the years…..every couple that bought it got divorced until recently when a single woman bought it……..It is down the street from Comanche  Lookout….land that the Native Americans used as a vantage point for warfare and hunting. Per the paranormal website for Russell Rush Haunted Tours: The Apache, and later, the Comanche Indians dominated the area as they hunted along waterways including nearby Cibolo Creek. The hill was also a prominent landmark for travelers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The old Spanish road (one of several routes of the Camino Real or Royal Road) from San Antonio to Bastrop and Nacogdoches in East Texas extended past the base of the hill. The road followed earlier American Indian travel routes, and today its remnants are known as Nacogdoches Road. Contrary to popular belief, there was never a fort or look-out at the top of the hill. In fact, both Native Americans and settlers used this hill to scout game.  So….was the house built on Indian burial grounds and the Indians didn’t like the couples (including me) that lived in the house?  Spooky?  Or just a great tale?