I loved living at home with Mom and Dad.  One day they asked me if I could be available the following day to go look at 2 rent houses they owned (Mom was a Realtor)…..my first response? “Why?”  Mom and Dad looked at each other and stated it was time for me to be on my own…..on my own?  “Why?”

Guess you can imagine how that conversation went…but the following day I was up and ready for a trip with them at the unreasonable hour of 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday.  Keep in mind…. I was almost 21.

The first house was near a lot of really cool bars I liked to frequent……in fact, I could walk to them from the house.  2 bedrooms and one bath.  Kind of a shabby neighborhood.  Years later….still a shabby neighborhood.

The second house had 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  920 square feet…..and was in a neighborhood that didn’t look too scary. Off Broadway.  Near 410.

Mom said “which one do you like?”  My answer:  “maybe one in your neighborhood?”

I ended up deciding on the 3 bedroom.  Rent would be $375 a month.  2 roommates made that $125 a month.  I could afford that.  Now….trying to find 2 roommates that paid their bills and wouldn’t borrow my clothes?  That’s another blog….but when I got married a few years later my folks let us buy it from them.  Sometimes kids need a little push to get them out the door, huh?